Gluten Free

FRESH Gluten Free Menu

Order any of our specialty pizzas on our very own gluten free crust or build your own with your favorite toppings. At FRESH Woodfired Pizza in Black Mountain, we offer gluten free salad dressings, gluten free bread for sandwiches, gluten free pasta and gluten free dessert.  Our gluten free pizza dough is made fresh daily and sells out quickly on busy nights.

What Makes Us Experts on Gluten Free Pizza?

Our youngest daughter, Emma, developed a gluten intolerance as an infant and has been eating gluten free ever since. As she grew, we found it very challenging to eat out at restaurants, go to birthday parties or protect her digestive health in public without staying home. When we decided to open FRESH, we promised Emma, now 8, was that she could come and have dinner with her Dad anytime and know that she could eat off both the kids and the regular menu. She can even have pizza parties for her birthday.

Children, of course, have a sense of “fairness” at her age. We started out with Udi’s crusts, but they didn’t hold up well to the intense heat of our wood-fired oven. So our dedicated baker, E.C. Cleary, promised her that he would experiment until he made a crust that she would like – a crust that wouldn’t single her out as “different” from her peers. A crust that she could even share with friends and they might not even know it was gluten free.

It was a tall order, but we knew that he “hit the mark” when a month after he began experimenting, Emma came running into the kitchen saying, “Papa! I accidentally had a wheat pizza.” E.C. and Chef Mark both grinned and assured her that she was fine – she was eating a gluten free crust. So come in and see what Emma raves about – FRESH’s very own gluten-free pizza crust recipe. Our competitors carry gluten free crusts – but can they pass the test of an 8 year old’s tastebuds?

Gluten Free Guide to FRESH’s Menu:

At FRESH, we intend to provide as many gluten free products as we can that satisfy our customer’s and accomodate their dietary needs. We feature all our specialty pizzas on a gluten free crust that we make here in-house, we have gluten free pasta (which may take a few minutes more to cook), gluten free deserts including our Decadant Chocolate Torte and a variety of flavors of gelato. All our salad dressings are gluten free and made in-house fresh daily. Most of our soups are also gluten free – clarify with your server if you aren’t sure.

All our gluten-free items are prepared on carefully cleaned and prepared surfaces, using utensils that have been cleaned and disinfected or designated for gluten free items only. We are careful to prepare and cook gluten free items in their own designated dishes. The exception to this is the pizzas. Once they go into the oven, they are in the same space as the regular pizzas, however, they rest on their own tray so they don’t touch the bottom.

A note for those with celiac disease: because FRESH is not a certified gluten free kitchen, we cannot guarantee that your will not come into contact with gluten. Persons with gluten intolerance and celiac disease should inform your server and understand the limitations of the options we offer