Fresh West Wood Fired Pizza River Arts DistrictAt FRESH we believe that the simple act of feeding people is at the core of what it is to be human.

From obtaining our food products to hand-kneading dough, making bread daily and offering fresh food options, we focus on the ritual of taking life from the world around us and presenting it to you. This ritual of nourishment from farm to table is one that all Americans took part in until about 75 years ago.

To honor this tradition we follow a few simple rules as we prepare food for you. Whenever we can, we buy locally-grown, seasonal, organic produce and meats. We use farmers and farm cooperatives or family-run operations as our primary suppliers for our flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs. We use feta and goat cheese from local creameries, brew Dynamite Roasting Company Coffee and carry local microbrews from around our region. We have a large garden that supplies us seasonally with fresh basil, edible flowers and herbs as well as greens, peppers, root vegetables and other produce. Every day we make homemade soups and breads for the day. You’ll also find homemade daily desserts from our FRESH chef’s and local confectioners’ creations. Each weekend we feature FRESH specials that highlight seasonal offerings from our local food purveyors and unique flavors of our chef’s culinary creativity.

At FRESH we offer an alternative to the processed food delivery system that has become the staple of the modern diet. Here, you will sit down to eat a meal together in the tradition of our parents and grandparents and taste the difference of food that is grown, artfully prepared and served by people who live right here and are part of our community.

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At FRESH, our pizziolos (pizza chefs) follow the Italian Naples tradition of transforming hand rolled dough into artisan bread with its characteristic bubbles and charring in the wood fired oven. The intense heat of a 800°F oven and wood smoke flavor and darken the dough. Please specify with your server if you do not want much char on your pizza.



We got into the restaurant business because yearned to go out to eat and yet have choices of gourmet, wholesome and unprocessed foods to feed our family. We are committed to that same standard for our customers. Whenever possible, we use local farmers to provide us seasonal, organic produce, cheeses, flowers and other food. We have our own garden for herbs, vegetables and flowers, we compost our food waste, we recycle, and we reduce our carbon footprint by limiting trucking as much as possible. By taking advantage of the local bounty around us FRESH offers the freshest salads and the tastiest ingredients for our pizzas, soups, and specials. Come back again and again to sample our rotating menu of homemade soups, weekend specials, and local and regional microbrews.

Here are just a few of the farms and local vendors whom we support and who support us: Harvest Table Farm, Manoah Farms, Rise Up Rooted Farm, Fuller Family Farms, Looking Glass Creamery, Round Mountain Creamery, Urban Farm Girl, Green Bee Cleaning and more.

Fresh West Wood Fired PizzaWOOD FIRED OVEN

Our Italian-imported, handcrafted oven burns only seasoned hardwood gleaned from the orchards and forests of WNC reaching temperatures between 500-900° F. When burned, this wood produces an intense, consistent heat, while also imparting a sumptuous aroma. This ensures that the pizzas we produce are a reflection of the best of the traditional pizza makers of the past. A focus on craftsmanship means that our baker hand rolls FRESH’s pizza dough each morning as well as baking focaccia, sourdough, and double fermented bread loaves. We have perfected our gluten-free crust in-house so that customers with dietary restrictions have the same quality choices. FRESH produces a pizza unlike any other in the area, both traditional and contemporary, appealing and gratifying
in every way.